Panzer General III - Scorched Earth


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SSI's Panzer General Series is one of the most successful operational wargame franchises of all time.From its initial launch in 1994 to the present, the Panzer General name has promised consumers a fun, accessible, and addictive strategy wargaming experience. The look and feel of the series evolved over the years and in 1999 the game went into a full 3-D graphics mode with a leader-based gaming system.

While the core 3D engine is the same as the 3D Assault release of 1999, the graphics have been enhanced in order to improve gamelplay. In addition, the number of scenarios have been increased and now feature 4 exciting new campaigns. You can battle your way to Berlin as the Soviets or march to Moscow as the Germans. WWII is stil the backdrop but the action unfolds in the bitter fighting for control of the easter front.

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