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The focus of Star Trek Away Team is to engage the player in one of the most gripping and compelling aspects of the Star Trek episodes and movies…the Away Missions. The player controls a special team of Starfleet Officers on Away Team Missions as they explore alien environments throughout the Federation.

The player controls the movements of the team in a top down, ¾ perspective that allows a "birds-eye view" of the action and the interactive environment. Just like on a Star Trek Away Mission in the television shows and movies, the team will use tricorders, phasers, hyposprays, phaser rifles and most of the other "Trek" items that have been seen in the Next Generation era of Star Trek. There are some new inventory items added that will have the look and feel of Star Trek, but also enhance both gameplay and the elusive "cool factor".

The team that the player controls in Star Trek Away Team is an elite "Special Forces" unit that is responsible for handling the "sticky" situations that arise throughout the Federation. This Covert Actions unit is comprised of handpicked Starfleet Officers, and they are the best of the best... the equivalent of the U.S. Navy S.E.A.L.'s for the Federation. The missions they are assigned are extremely dangerous. This Covert Actions unit will consist of 17 highly trained specialists that Starfleet has assembled especially for their unique problem solving abilities. Actual "Away Teams" that the player will control will consist of 3-6 of these specialists per mission, and part of the game dynamic will be the actual selection of personnel that will make up the team.

This demo contains two single player missions from the retail version of Star Trek Away Team. When you download and extract the demo, you will need 270 megabytes of free disc space on the C: drive in order to play.

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