Star Trek - New Worlds

Star Trek: New Worlds
Star Trek: New Worlds
Star Trek: New Worlds


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Star Trek: New Worlds presents the Star Trek universe as never seen before. Set in the 23rd Century - the year 2292 - the game chronicles the challenges and adventures of a small group of colonial officers on the surfaces of new alien worlds.
Choosing to play as the Federation, Klingons or the Romulans, the player must meet a series of challenges that take the form of mission objectives. These contain main Primary objectives, Secondary and even Tertiary objectives. The main mission objective must be met to complete the mission, while the secondary and tertiary objectives enable the player to finish the mission with a higher score and rank.
Playing as a different race not only provides a new complement of buildings and vehicles, all with their own graphical styles, but also allows the player to experience a new style of game play. The Federation player must act in accordance with StarFleet protocol and their actions must conform to certain ethical constraints. The Klingon player, however, can enjoy a much more aggressive life-style, but is still bound by their honour codes. (For example, shooting down an unarmed shuttle ferrying civilians provides the warrior with no honour and will bring shame on the family name). The Romulans provide the player with a "wildcard" style of play. As long as mission objectives are met, they are free - to a certain extent - to act as they see fit.

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