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The Terminus demo contains an abbreviated look at the Flight Academy, where even seasoned flight jockeys gain experience flying spacecraft guided by the laws of Zero-G Newtonian physics. In addition, the demo includes a Gauntlet which lets pilots of all skill levels fight wave after wave of enemy ships and enjoy the shoot-to-destroy excitement of all-out space combat. The demo also includes a single story mission in which players can choose between being a fighter pilot for Earth or Mars.
Upon successful completion of the mission, a special trailer will run which includes snippets from the game as a teaser to the larger plot. You will also see a preview highlighting some of the features found in the actual game as well as new movie clips. The demo does not incorporate the persistent universe or the real-time economy, which can be enjoyed only in the retail product. Terminus will be available in electronic entertainment retailers nationwide the week of June 27.

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