Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals


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Andrew's Album - in which players hunt for the missing photos zookeeper Andrew took during his recent trip to Africa - is one of several mini-games enhancing the diagnosis and treatment of the 20 animals populating the Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals world. The virtual practice of veterinary medicine affords players the opportunity to perform surgery, administer medicine and carry out other treatment procedures using a variety of realistic medical tools. Helpful hints are available from the friendly zoo staff so that players of all levels are able to succeed.
In addition to the 30 unique medical cases and Andrew's Album expedition, Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals boasts beautifully rendered, photorealistic 3D modeling of its patients, as well as the ability to visit and interact with the animals in their zoo enclosures. Moreover, would-be veterinarians can settle in at the zoo's office computer to investigate conservation issues, actual video footage of at-risk species in Africa, and information about the education and skills required to pursue a career as a vet. The animal action is rounded out by a memory game, a trivia test, a word search and a jigsaw puzzle.

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