Hearts of Iron IV - The Best DLC's

Hearts of Iron IV - The Best DLC's Hearts of Iron IV - The Best DLC's Hearts of Iron IV - The Best DLC's Hearts of Iron IV - The Best DLC's Hearts of Iron IV - The Best DLC's Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV's expansion landscape is as diverse as the nations it simulates, offering everything from espionage and naval warfare to the reconstruction of historical empires. Here's a tour of the top picks, the best DLC's, with something for every style of grand strategy gamer.


Waking the Tiger

Brings the complexity of China's history into focus. You've got skirmishes, covert operations, and political maneuvering, plus alternate histories for Germany and Japan. The depth here is unparalleled, but some elements, like border conflicts, might feel a bit undercooked.


Pros: Provides a comprehensive overhaul of the Far East, particularly for China and its factions. Offers engaging alt-history options for Germany.

Cons: Japan's focus tree and its alt-history paths are seen as dull and occasionally broken.



Man the Guns

Overhauls naval combat, letting you custom-build your fleets and even continue the fight as a government-in-exile. It's a must-have for maritime enthusiasts, though landlubbers might not find as much to dive into.


Pros: Introduces a highly flexible and engaging focus tree for Mexico. The ship designer feature is a standout, enhancing naval gameplay.

Cons: The United States' communist and fascist paths are criticized, and the fuel mechanic's late introduction is seen as a downside.



Together for Victory

Highlights the British Commonwealth with new focus trees and systems to manage colonial dynamics. It's a mixed bag, with some preferring the modded versions of these nations, but it does enrich the experience with specific units and voiceovers.


Pros: Expands focus trees for British Empire allies, offering an easier learning curve and fun gameplay for newcomers.

Cons: Lend-lease feature's inclusion as a paid aspect is controversial. India's focus tree is disappointingly buggy and unengaging, with significant issues persisting.



Death or Dishonor

Explores the trials of minor European powers, offering nuanced focus trees and new production mechanics. The journey through Central Europe's complexities is thrilling, though equipment conversion is a feature that may see limited use.


Pros: Adds depth to European nations with unique strategic dilemmas. The Transylvania event mediation is highly praised for its complexity.

Cons: Alt-history paths for Hungary and Romania are lackluster. Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia's focus trees are more engaging, but the DLC neglects Austria entirely.



La Résistance

Adds spies and secret operations into the mix, alongside detailed focus trees for France, Spain, and Portugal. While espionage might not turn the tide of war, it introduces a layer of strategic depth, especially for those fascinated by the Iberian Peninsula.


Pros: Enhances France, Spain, and Portugal's gameplay with the addition of espionage. France's focus tree and Anarchist Spain are highlights.

Cons: Portugal's focus tree feels incomplete. Resistance mechanics are seen as underdeveloped, and the absence of Yugoslavian partisans is a notable omission.


Each of these Hearts of Iron IV DLC's enriches the game in unique ways, offering the best of historical immersion, strategic depth, and gameplay variety. Despite some areas for improvement, especially bugs, the overall quality and diversity make these DLCs invaluable.