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Indigo Prophecy


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Indigo Prophecy v1.1 ENG

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nERv Indigo Prophecy (c) Atari 12/2005 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Securom 7 3 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Action Adventure In Indigo Prophecy, a paranormal thriller, New York City is stunned by a series of mysterious murders, all following the same pattern: ordinary people are killing absolute strangers in public areas. Lucas Kane becomes another one of these murderers when he suddenly kills a stranger in a men's bathroom. Covered in blood, Lucas regains consciousness with no recollection as to why he committed murder. Lucas must solve the mystery before being incarcerated for life. A free-flowing game during which players can assume the role of multiple characters and experience the game from multiple viewpoints, Indigo Prophecy allows players' actions to affect the plot by offering a scenario driven interactive experience. Through motion picture techniques, players find themselves intimately immersed in the game. 1. Unrar. 2. Burn or mount with Daemon Tools. 3. Install the game. 4. Copy over the cracked executable located on cd1 to your install dir. 5. Play the game. " Now hiring Talented Crackers: " " Merry Christmas "

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