Area 2048


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Area 2048 is a retro-type shooter which disguises its excellent use of graphics and effects by using an Asteroid type design.

The game operates based ona simple concept, eliminate all enemies in a map to move-on to the next one, while every few maps you get a boss enemy. Your weapons are, rapid-fire missiles and a special weapon, needs recharging between uses, which can get you out of messy situations. In Area 2048 the music is a techno-like sound which seems to fit-in very well with the game, while some Japanese (I believe) chatter, comes up every time you complete a level.

While the game is a very entertaining shooter, in true innovative Japanese freeware style, the really remarkable feature of the game is the exrtremely intuitive interface and user controls. When first looking at the game you believe that controlling your ship will be a pain, strangely enough using the arrows and the Z and X keys for weapons proves an extremely effortless experience. The controls respond exactly as you would want them to and very soon, you stop feeling that you are using keys at all. At some points in the game you find your ship responding so well that you begin to wonder if it's really you guiding the vessel.

Area 2048 is a very good example of all that is good about freeware games, innovation, intelligent design and a simple-but-fun gameplay ideology which has resulted in an impressive offering. A recommended download for all gamers.

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