A.W.A.R.E Free Full Game v0.15

A.W.A.R.E Free Full Game v0.15

Plot Summary

A young man, driven by necessity to take up a part-time job as a courier, finds himself tempted by the promise of a substantial reward to deliver a mysterious package that "cannot find its address." Unexpectedly, after glimpsing that the package's contents include a 'body', he's thrust into a conflict among various powers. Should he trust the strong, silent lone wolf who is the intended recipient of the package; align with the organization he has long admired; or heed the call of a mysterious criminal? The choice is his to make.

Game Overview

The game features full animated film-style storytelling, combined with Quick Time Event (QTE)-like gameplay. It offers both Chinese and English language options, allowing for easy switching between the two. Episode 1 is now available, and Episode 2 is currently in development.

File information

File name: A.W.A.R.E-v0.15.exe

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