B7: Liberation


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B7: Liberation is a game based on the UK television series Blake's 7. Liberation has two different modes of play. While in space, the Liberator is in free flight and the game resembles a shoot-em up. Grids, radars, etc. help in navigation from planet to planet. While on a planet, the game switches to tile mode, and characters are able to explore on foot.
The games' smooth animation and strong storyline, based on the TV series, help in making it a very satisfying experience.

For those of you who don't know Blake's 7 was a science fiction series from the UK that ran from January 1978 to December 1981. It was created by Terry Nation (of Doctor Who fame) and many episodes were written by Chris Boucher. Out of 4 seasons, there were 52 episodes in all.

Blake's 7 gave us a look at a dismal future in which a small group of resistance fought against the tyrannical government known as the Federation. Unlike many other science fiction series, many episodes ended in failure for the resistance and the main characters were definitely not invincible. The group were called "Blake's 7" after their leader Roj Blake. Their main weapon against the Federation was the bizarre alien space ship called the Liberator.

While the special effects may not have been the greatest, the storylines and characters were outstanding. The special treat was the final episode - this series really went out with a bang.

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