Beatdown Dungeon Free Full Game


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Beatdown Dungeon is a hybrid between dungeon crawler RPGs and fast-paced 2D fighting games. Travel through randomly generated dungeons, find treasure and fight all kinds of weird monsters. The combat is inspired by games such as Guilty Gear or Under Night In-Birth. Controls are easy to grasp and combos allow for creativity, with a lenient cancel system and the ability to summon helper characters. Develop your own fighting style by equipping badges to modify your skills and creating your own Custom Demon fighter.

This is the game's finished, released version. All characters, dungeons and features are included.

• Six regular playable characters
• Customizable "Custom Demon" character. Select their playstyle, moves and appearance yourself!
• Four dungeons, plus one post-game challenge dungeon.
• 20 badges to adjust your character's playstyle and give them new moves.
• 20 helper characters to aid you in battle.
• A bunch of items to help you out in tight situations.
• Lenient combo system: you can cancel into any move as long as it is stronger than your previous one. All moves only require button presses and directional inputs. No quarter-circles needed.
• Training Mode and 2 Player Versus Mode.

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