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"Neon Slinger" is a Challenging, Super-Tight, 2D Roguelike Platformer where you Hook and Jump through a Neon World and Throw Physics-Based Items at Enemies

• Hook and Jump to get from platform to platform and Maneuver around enemies and spikes
• Explore a Compact, Randomly-Generated World and fight your way through to the Cyclop-Head Boss
• Collect various Physics-Based Items and skillfully Throw them at Enemies to fight
• Neon Pixel-Art Aesthetic
• 8-Bit Chiptune music with arrangements of Bach
• "Neon Slinger" especially appeals to fans of Roguelikes like "Spelunky", "Enter the Gungeon" and "Noita"

Made by Nichts Games (Adrian Klug) and delta2force (Louis Grünenwald)

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