Clover Free Full Game

Clover Free Full Game Clover Free Full Game Clover Free Full Game

Clover introduces you to a life of gloomy plants. Navigate through Trefoil — a kingdom of plants struggling to grow in the aftermath of their missing prince. Learn more about the kingdom, its people, and history. Like the roots of an overgrown tree, stretching beyond what any average being can see, there is more to Trefoil than what meets the eye. Take your time exploring the kingdom and search for what’s hidden beneath.


• Explore a beautifully overgrown and forgotten kingdom in this top-down immersive RPG
• Befriend and interact with the 10+ charming residents of Trefoil Kingdom
• Complete puzzle-based mini-games to help the plant residents cope and grow
• Uncover the history of Trefoil, its people, and its past inhabitants
• Search for hidden clues and easter eggs riddled throughout the kingdom
• Enjoy the full original soundtrack and original character design

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