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Cold City is an action platformer with a nice graphical style.
Basically black and white with some blood splatters here and there.
You can choose from 2 different characters:
Male Ninja uses Sword and Shurikens and Female Ninja uses Guns and Kicks.
Each time you get rid off an enemy the slot machine at the bottom of the screen plays a round…When you get 3 cherrys you will get into some kind of rage mode.
(I couldn't perform the rage attack with the male ninja…it was only possible with the female assassin)

Consider that this is a very early version and therefore it lacks in variety in gameplay.
But it's a promising start nontheless!

Since the developer is open to suggestions i thought i throw out a few:
I think the game could need some combos, missions, different powerups, weapons, collectibles, different special attacks…

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