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A game that tells about a strange, at first glance, friendship between a man and a monster. As a monster from an insensitive killing machine, one can feel what is given only to a person. How can a random encounter be able to cross fates and completely change life.

Welcome to the world where the monsters and people are united to achieve one common goal is to defeat a stronger rival. However, people still reproach and look askance at these unusual creatures. But the main character Zenfyx believes that to have a monster friend cool, but alas, because of his relatives, he didn’t get such a friend, up to one day, when he was nearly killed at the hands of a massive giant. On that day, literally from heaven, his savior named Champer fell. From that day Zenfyx tries to actively establish contact with him, which is very successful and they get closer and really begin to make friends. But, not surprisingly, the society and friends of Zenfyx did not accept Champer, because of which their communication acquired dark colors.

The game will allow you to be in the skin of Champer and feel what it is, feel the pressure from society and not be like everyone else. In addition, you will be given a chance to influence the course of events and change it at a key moment, both for the better and for for the worse. In addition, all actions will not take place only on behalf of Champer.

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