DDCK: Myth of Creation


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Since the beginning of time, the gods have ruled Caross ... until one day it was taken away from them.

DDCK: MoC is an epic RTS game about the strife between gods and the world, Caross, that gets torn in between. As the One, the sovereign god of all of Caross you will wield terrible elements that will shake the very foundations of the world! DDCK is a strategy game played in real-time from a skewed overhead perspective.

Wield 9 different elements including Ice, Fire, Lava, and Spirit in 20 intense missions

Experience a stunning world rendered to the utmost detail displayed in 800x600 resolution in vivid 16-bit high colour.

An epic and gripping plot, choose your path between good and evil in a dynamic, branching storyline.

Intense real-time strategy. Sound effects and an original musical score by Alex Pederson

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