Dead Man's Mine Free Full Game

Dead Man's Mine
Dead Man's Mine
Dead Man's Mine
Dead Man's Mine


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Howdy Partner.

I ain't ever setting foot in Dead Man's Mine again. Since Steely McLure dug up that cursed thing, the miners have turned into godforsaken monsters. Not to mention the other weird infestations. It just ain't safe down there no more.

But if you think you can deal with whatever's down there, well... good luck to you. The town of Deadman's Gulch will be mighty grateful.

Conserve ammo as you strategically descend into the depths of Dead Man's Mine. Take out monsters and collect vital resources as you go. Grab new weapons and keep a steady hand with your finger on the trigger. There's always something worse around the corner.

Can you reach the bottom of the mine and destroy the cursed object?


• Survival horror
• Roguelite
• Pixel art
• Top-down shooter
• Dark, atmospheric proc-gen levels
• Randomised loot
• Destructible environment
• Four unique weapons

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