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Take on the role of a solitary lighthouse keeper, and discover the true terror of the deep! In this tower defense/ third person survival hybrid, take on creatures that rise up from the murky deep with murderous intent!

- Defend the lighthouse as you battle the denizens of the deep!
- Change your character's appearance
- Use 9 different weapons to fight back the horde!
- Switch between classic top-down defense gameplay to fixed camera navigation to collect ammo and loot!
- Purchase ammo, buy new weapons and fortify your defenses between rounds!
- Collect items from the water's edge, but beware what lurks beneath the waves!

(From Lighthouse Position)
Look around/aim --- Mouse
Shoot Selected Weapon --- Left Mouse Button
Focus Aim --- Right Mouse Button
Switch Between Lighthouse/Ground --- SPACEBAR
Switch Weapons --- 1-9 KEYS

(On Ground)
Movement --- W,A,S,D or ARROW KEYS
Target Nearby Enemies --- Right Mouse Button
Throw Harpoons --- Left Mouse Button ( While Targeting with RMB )

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