Dink Smallwood v1.08

Dink Smallwood v1.08 Dink Smallwood v1.08

Release Notes: Dink Smallwood 1.08 is a community-made upgrade for Dink Smallwood, which fixes dozens of errors, improves compatibility, includes an integrated D-Mod installer / frontend, and supports true-color and windowed modes. And there are even several new features for D-Mod developers to use!

Imagine exploring a giant medieval world filled with creatures and people that are more than just sprites. You don't just talk to people, you know them. You don't just kill things for experience, you tear them apart for fun.

-You can move in eight different directions.
-You can attack with nifty weapons and magics.
-You move by the pixel - not by the square! This means really cool arcade stuff is possible.
-You can push stuff.
-You can put your head in a weird hole. (yay!)
-Find stuff! They can add health to your life, extend your life and more. You can also raise your strength, defense and magic through items and level raises.
-These are just a few aspects of the total gaming experience!

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