Serious Jam: Last Sam Standing Free Full Game

Serious Jam: Last Sam Standing Free Full Game Serious Jam: Last Sam Standing Free Full Game Serious Jam: Last Sam Standing Free Full Game

A crazy shooting parody, with tons of heroes to team up with and thousands of enemies to blast.
Controls: Use the mouse or the keyboard.
Story: It was just another hot day in the desert. Sam was out of gas and had to stop in this isolated station for supplies. A cold drink would cool his sweaty body down for a while. The bartender kept staring at him drinking the whole bottle. Sam didn't bother much as he was concerned by other serious shit around here. The huge cowboy that entered the station with his African friend looked like real trouble. The cowboy sat next to Sam and didn’t say a word. The African moved slowly toward the music box and put on some heavy rock music. He suddenly started dancing to the weird theme. Sam moved his eyes slowly to look them both into the eyes. They were all staring at him right now. Suddenly the bartender screamed "Watch Out!!!" They quickly turned to him. He was shockingly staring outside. They turned to see what has just happened, but
The whole place exploded. The bartender was blown away into small pieces scattered everywhere. Sam tried hard until he managed to finally stand up and look around. Dust and sand everywhere. They have been thrown away into the desert due to the explosion. The place seemed as if it was nuked. The African started saying some unrecognized words. He was all covered in blood. He seemed to be looking for his Cowboy friend. He was there lying under a heavy part of the broken wall. Sam and the African rushed to help him and put him onto his feet. The three of them stood there for a while as they couldn't believe what just happened. This was no ordinary attack. This was something different. Something not from this world. Something that looked like a Kamikaze attack. Sam reached and grabbed his guns. The Cowboy checked his machinegun. The African reloaded his canon. They looked at each other one last time. They were all set up. Time to save the world.
"Yeah Baby..." He shouted as they walked towards the invasion. Let the party begin.

A tribute to Vlambeer's random encounter.

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