Grave-ity Free Full Game

Grave-ity Free Full Game Grave-ity Free Full Game

Grave-ity is a side-scrolling, story-driven platformer. You woke up in a forest and lost your memory. The only thing you realize is that you can now control the most important law in physics, gravity. Traverse all the levels altering gravity to your advantage, avoiding enemies and solving puzzles. In the end you’ll know everything about your past life, death and why you woke up having this power.

In Grave-ity, your only action is to alter gravity, which will affect all your surroundings. You can reverse it, make it stronger or lighter. Create your own playstyle to complete your journey, combining gravity alterations with your movement abilities. You can't fight and you don't have weapons, so your only option is to avoid enemies and obstacles. Gravity is your only friend...and at the same time your worst enemy.

- Arrows/WASD to move.
- Space to jump (Hold to jump longer).
- Left Shift to dash.
- CTRL to grab objects.

Gravity has three intensity levels:
- Lighter.
- Normal.
- Heavier.

Use F key to make gravity lighter and R key to make it stronger.
Use E key to reverse gravity.

When you alter gravity, you consume your "Gravity Resource", it is restored over time when you are in Normal Gravity state. You can check your Gravity Resource by looking at the red bar on the left.

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