Gun Bastard Free Full Game


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Gun Bastard is a free 2D side-scrolling shoot-em-up that combines aspects of old-school shooter games like Gradius and R-Type with bullet-hell shooters.

It features:

• 15 challenging levels including ridiculous boss fights in such varied and original locations as Desert (!) and Jungle (!!).
• Cartoony pixel art all over the place.
• Choose your own route through the game – replayability!
• 40 different vile alien enemies to destroy.
• A weapon upgrade system that rewards accuracy.
• A special “Bastard” attack that wipes out everything. Plus the word Bastard is onscreen at all times, tee hee!
• Unlockable challenges.
• A super High Score table.
• The most ridiculously epic, over-the-top music that the Newgrounds audio portal could supply.
• Extreme silliness and more puns than you can handle.

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