Hotel Horror Free Full Game


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Welcome to your new job at Hotel Yithora! The #1 Hotel at providing an old-fashioned hotel look and experience. As our new bellboy, you'll be delivering food to our lovely guests, cleaning up their rooms, and getting them towels. What an easy job! We truly hope you can enjoy working here! After all... it's the last job you'll ever have. -Supervisor


Play as a bellboy in a 2D horror side-scroller in a "normal" hotel where reality bends at every corner. Try to complete tasks ordered by hotel guests when reality gets stranger and creepier as more tasks are completed. What you might know at one point might change completely with the next task, and what is once safe might not be the next time around.


• Press A and D to move
• Press E to interact with objects
• Press W and/or S to use doors, stairs, and elevators.

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