Hypervisual Century


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Hypervisual Century is a digital 3D slot machine simulator. Its realistic and extremely original interface sports three large reels with three paylines.

The ability to make multiple bets per payline, together with the reel lock feature, allow you to make strategic decisions that may lead you to your goal - winning the jackpot. So... good luck!

Hypervisual Century is also a tribute from our design team to the technological and design achievements of the 20th Century.

Hypervisual Century's main features are listed below:

The design
• 3-D rendered, realistic interface
• Original design inspired in the 20th century technology
• Large reels and clear symbols
• Realistic sounds

The game

• Three paylines

• Multiple bets per payline (up to 12 coins)

• Jackpot prize

• Autobet feature

• Reel lock feature

The interface

• Sound and visual effects designed to make you feel like you're actually playing the game

• Quick reference screen from within the game

• Complete documentation

• Player may use mouse or keyboard

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