Neon Wars v1.0.1.2

Neon Wars v1.0.1.2 Neon Wars v1.0.1.2 Neon Wars v1.0.1.2

Fight to survive in this arcade shooter where your enemies won't stop until you are eliminated!

ESC - Shop menu
WASD - Movement
Mouse - Aim + Shoot
G - Throwable
R - Special
V - Melee attack
Shift - Switch between weapons

Defeat as many enemies as possible and level up to unlock weapons & gadgets, with the neon gathered from defeated enemies you can buy stuff at the store pause menu, depending on what difficulty you are playing you'll earn more or less neon from fallen enemies, defeating a boss means an instant push to the next level.

- 7 Bosses, each with their unique mechanics.
- Many enemies to defeat.
- 40 levels, each harder than the last.
- 20 weapons to choose from.
- 3 sets of armor to raise your defense.
- Swords, thrown items, and special abilities to enhance your combat capabilities.
- 6 Upgradable stats to boost your chances at finishing all levels.

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