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Nexuiz is a fast-paced, chaotic, and intense multiplayer first person shooter, focused on providing basic, old style deathmatch action.
The 2.0 release is another massive update to the game, new features such as a single player campaign with completely new advanced bot AI, five new maps, new particle effect system, weapon changes, and complete precompiled bumpmapping with GLSL shaders. The developers have also optimized the game heavily, and improved net performance.

To view a movie of Nexuiz 2.0 in action or to download the update, follow the download tab above.

All of Nexuiz is licensed under the GPL, including the core engine, the textures, maps, sounds, and models. It is extremely modder friendly. Because of its GPL license status, it can be included in any Linux distros or packages and is entirely free.
Nexuiz is built on the power of the Darkplaces engine, which is a heavily modified version of the original Quake. Darkplaces features realtime lighting and stencil shadows, bumpmapping, gloss, bloom, and totally rewritten network code that supports up to 64 players on a single server. While quality gameplay was our primary goal, it's graphics technology and artwork allows the game to compete with the current quality of commercial games.

Any online deathmatch fan will instantly feel at home with Nexuiz' weapons and movement style. The fast server browser and quick loading time allows you to jump right into a game at a moments notice and play a quick game.

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