The Peephole Free Full Game v1.0.3

The Peephole
The Peephole
The Peephole
The Peephole


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This game is best played with keyboard, mouse, and headphones. It does support using a gamepad.

You have been chased into a dark forest in the middle of the night. Something is chasing you but you don't know what. You find a small cabin, and you run in. There you find a flashlight, a flashlight charger, a generator, and a radio.

These are the tools you will need to use to survive. The flashlight needs power; if you use it too much, you will need to charge it. The flashlight charger has a bright blue light so you can easily find it.

To power everything you need to crank the generator. It will make sounds when it is turned on. The radio, flashlight, flashlight charger, and generator have their own battery source.

If you spot any monsters when looking through the window or the peephole at the door. Turn on the radio next to the flashlight charger. It will scare away the monsters.

You move with W, A, S, or D or with the arrow keys. You can turn on the flashlight with F or L. To interact with anything hold down the left mouse button or E.

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