RC Simulator


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This game is a flight simulation (of radio controlled model aircraft), set in a New Zealand style rural area. You can fly in the aircraft, fire missiles, drop bombs and top-dress.

There are various model types, from gliders to jets, to aerobatic to electric powered. They fly pretty much like the real thing, (though they are a bit too 'well behaved' and predictable) complete with gliding/speed pitching and stalling, and use parameters for wing loading, centre of gravity position, power, drag, control reaction etc.
They can take off and land properly, with wheels touching down -- 'cartwheeling' or damage may be added later for fun.

Cursor flight control has been added, but a joystick is vital for the full range of control. When flying 'in the model' you will notice how the smaller ones are quite (realistically) sharp in response to controls. There is a 'real size' light aircraft to give a comparison.

This program is NOT PERFECT, but its creator spent a long time trying to recreate an authentic experience and will offer updates whenever possible.

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