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WinHoops is a fun relaxing game where you must pick up the ball and shoot it into the net. This is accomplished by left clicking on the ball and holding the left mouse button down while you move the mouse around. Once you let go of the ball the ball will continue to move at the speed the mouse cursor was travelling before you let go.

When moving the ball around the screen you will have red lines appear over the ball , this indicated the shot zone. If you release the ball when it is below and to the left of these shot zones, you have made a valid shot. If the ball goes into the net then you score points. If the ball was behind the red line you score 2 points, if behind the blue vertical line you get 3 points. The scoreboard displays the time and scores. In addition, a red message banner appears giving you additional information. In the middle
is a wind indicator, if the wind is blowing a green bar will appear indicating the direction and strength of the wind (the longer the bar the stronger the wind).

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