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Aces is a multiplayer game, where you join plane squadrons to battle inside a 3D dynamic level. So choose a plane, pick some skills and join the fight !

Aces is a project that was made by 6 last year students from Supinfogame. The main intention is to merge the tactic and teamplay from the MOBA genre with the dynamism and the 3 dimensional aproach from dogfigthing games.

Each player can choose between different planes (each one having different bases stats) and choose a set of skill giving the plane special abilities. To win team members will have to build the best squadron and be very coordinated to accomplish the team-based objectives.

We also wanted to put a real existant level design in a plane game to have real occluders and map control objectives. It leads us to very manoeuvrable planes to easilly fly througth buildings and feel like an Ace!

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