Anomaly Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth Anomaly Warzone Earth

It's an amazing blend of two genres furious action and strategy type tower defense "at this point you have to play the role of attack! In the not too distant future, alien invaders landing on Earth, and suddenly cast took major cities of our planet. To keep its prey, the aliens built the huge towers, equipped with weapons of terrible destructive power. Destroy anyone who dares to challenge strangers. But the invaders have miscalculated forgot you! In the vanguard of weapons he has to go through the streets of major cities in the world from Baghdad to Tokyo and crush all that stand in your way! But do not forget the strategy you need to plan your route and choose the composition of his little army. You're just a fighter and commander, and his quick decision-ray and the unique ability to allow people to survive and to cleanse the world of alien infection. You are expecting quick tactical battles in the campaign with an excellent plot and two modes of ordinal Sturm, none of which make your heart jumps in my chest!