Behemoth Protocol


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1 Freeware available for Behemoth Protocol, see below

Using a state-of-the-art power suit, you are the Skybreaker, fighting giant robotic monsters in order to protect your home from destruction. The Skybreaker is equipped with a range of weaponry and abilities in order to destroy the behemoth. As the Skybreaker, the player must bring down the enormous behemoth using their guns and missiles to tear the machine apart, piece by piece. The battle won’t be easy though, the behemoth will fight back, with turrets, missiles, lasers and attack drones, all of which are coming to obliterate you. Flying, zipping and dashing around, the Skybreaker must also must also protect themselves from an onslaught of counterfire. While fighting the giant robot, the Skybreaker must also manage their own power, which depletes with every use of their abilities.

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