Beyond All Reason

Beyond All Reason Beyond All Reason Beyond All Reason Beyond All Reason

Total Annihilation has always been regarded as an unparalleled model, the game that sets the standard for modern real-time strategies. It is impossible to describe how innovative this title was for its time. The mere fact that in 1997 someone set out to create an engine that is capable of carrying 500+ individual units with fully executed 3D projectile physics is stunning. Some still consider TA to be the best strategy of all time.

Unfortunately, shortly after the production of this masterpiece and the sale of 1.5 million copies, Cavedog studio run by the legendary Chris Taylor was dismissed, and the rights to TA were bought by Atari (to later re-sell it to, the creator of World of Tanks). Since then, all hopes for the second installment of the iconic strategy have been in a realm of dreams.

Since then, millions of fans are eagerly waiting for a game able to bear the title of "a worthy successor to TA", which will hit the same notes and allow you to once again return to the nostalgic world of Total Annihilation. There have been many attempts to recreate this phenomenon such as Supreme Commander, which appealed to many genre lovers, but many have also complained it is no longer the same as TA. The second part of the Supcom series was received even more poorly due to the optimization of the game for consoles and the troubles that came with that. In 2014, Planetary Annihilation was released as another spiritual successor, but it also received a rather bitter-sweet reception at its wake from TA-fans.

Is this the end of the story of this amazing subgenre? Not at all!

Beyond All Reason (or BAR for short). It transfers the units from the good old Total Annihilation (along with some fan mods!) to the modern open-source SpringRTS engine. This game was created completely out of love for the legacy of Total Annihilation, by enthusiastic players (by players, for players), not for profit, which is why it is such a magical and unique title.