Black Matter

Black Matter Black Matter Black Matter Black Matter
1 Freeware available for Black Matter, see below

"Listen, I know it's your first day but the core just went into melt down so I'll write down the basics here for you."

Mouse and Keyboard:

WASD - Move

Shift - Sprint

Left - Pickup/Throw/Repair

Q - Switch Held Items

Tab - View Tablet



Left Stick - Move

Right Stick - Look

Left Stick Pressed - Sprint

Right Trigger - Pickup/Throw/Repair

North Button - Switch Held Items

Left Bumper - View Tablet 


How to play:

Pylons are a main Component of the Lab, you need to repair them to contain the core and are the #1 Priority.

But do not neglect to repair the other parts of the lab from failure or else the core will expand faster


How to repair:

Your hand is enough for pylons and valves

Wrenches for Pipes & Generators

Screwdrivers for Servers & Computers

Duck Tape for Breaker Boxes

Extinguishers for Fires 

Keep an eye out for rogue robots and throw anything you have on hand at them to knock them out

Also if you find Peanut Butter I heard spreading it on your face can be quite calming on stressful days and can restore any lost gumption.

If a room floods, fix the pipes to get the water to drain.

"Lots to do! Good luck, your the only one close enough to handle this!"

Thank you for Playing our game! And thank you Thor for telling us to.