BrazSonic 20XX

BrazSonic 20XX BrazSonic 20XX BrazSonic 20XX BrazSonic 20XX BrazSonic 20XX BrazSonic 20XX
2 Freeware available for BrazSonic 20XX, see below

BrazSonic 20XX Free Full Game v1.1.2

BrazSonic, the Brazilian Hedgehog is back, on a brand new adventure in order to save the day from an evil politician and his armed robot army and gather the mysterious but powerful Corruption Emeralds before them.

• Brazil and Sonic the Hedgehog references with parody and nostalgia from 16-bit games
• A brand new lore based on recent Brazil political events, with a story full filled with humor, action, plot twists, and many TV tropes
• Level themes based on different places in Brazil, from big cities, like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, to nature like the Iguazu with lots of high speed, platforming, gimmicks, and unique visuals
• Old characters are back, but even better
• Assorted Power-ups
• Skill upgrades to find along the levels
• New and exciting boss battles
• Challenging 3d Special Stages
• New game mode: Mission Mode
• Challenge Mode: Work as a delivery guy, drive vehicles, play in reverse, fight dark entities and much more! A unique experience!
• Offline multiplayer mode for 2 to 4 players!
• Extra and unlockable content to find out!
• Portuguese, English, and Spanish translations
• Joypad support for PC and Mobile
• Bindable touch buttons for touch screen mobile mode
• Windows only (Android in progress)