Brutal Breaking-click to death

1 Freeware available for Brutal Breaking-click to death, see below

You find yourself in a strange kind of dungeon and must defend yourself against gigantic insect-like threats trying to devour you. You must utilize your shotgun and SMG to diminish these threats, while trying to stay alive. Luckily these mysterious creatures leave boxes with ammunition and med kits behind when they inevitably succumb to your superiority.


Shoot - left mouse button
Aim - right mouse button
Melee - v
Sprint - left shift
Vault / Jump - spacebar
Crouch - c
Slide while Sprinting - c
Lean - q and e
Pause menu - Escape

Note In the last area enemies will infinitely spawn and will thus try to bring an end to your life until the end of time or until the end of your PC's lifespan.

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