Cosmodog Cosmodog Cosmodog Cosmodog

Cosmodog is a game about exploring an abandoned valley on Phaeton, an ancient planet with traces of alien civilization. A thriving colony of the past, Phaeton was recently hit by multiple strikes of mysterious epidemies that caused dementia and mass suicides among the population.

You are a cargo pilot whose ship crashed on Phaeton's surface. Your task is to explore the forbidden valley and uncover the truth behind the mystery. The epic scale of the recent events has a personal meaning for you as a person you love is affected by them.

You will have to find weapons to fight your way through the hordes of automatized drones, robots and native predators in order to gather knowledge about the mysterious monoliths scattered around the valley. Thirst and hunger will be your enemies. To survive, you will have to manage your supplies, beware the radiation, detect land mines and avoid poisonous traps.

Improve your survival chances by obtaining items, such as a Geiger counter, a mine detector, explosives, vehicles and boats. New areas will open for exploration with each gadget you find. Every revealed secret will bring you closer to the answer of what happened on the planet and to the person you love.