Ethan: Meteor Hunter


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Following unknown events, Ethan got touched by meteorites giving him the power of telekinesis: moving objects around while the world is on hold!

In a journey through 3 different worlds and 50 levels, Ethan will try to regroup all the pieces of the meteorite that hit him in the first place in a tremendous puzzle-platformer adventure:

• 3 different worlds and 50 levels that will hook you for hours !
• Main feature : telekinesis. Ethan is able to move around elements of the level in order to solve puzzles and clear the way out.
• Classic platformer mixed up with puzzle game based on physics and reflexion.
• Collect ! Search ! Explore ! Run ! Multiple ways of playing the game through themed stages that contains many secrets !
• Expressive art style and high-quality animation in a whole HD version !
• 3D Animated background.
• Immersive soundtrack by Joachim "Cheun" Neuville.

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