Fisherman Life

Fisherman Life Fisherman Life Fisherman Life Fisherman Life

Fisherman Life Free Full Game

Fisherman life is a casual fishing simulation game. Explore the waters for various fish species and sell them to expand your island paradise!

Catch fish and sell them
Swim around and catch all the fish until your stack is complete. Deliver your stack of fish to the island market and sell them for gold coins. You can use the cash you earn to expand your island and buy various upgrades!

Upgrade your boat and explore
Upgrade everything from your fishing capacity to the strength of your fishers. Increasing the strength will allow you to catch more valuable fish and eventually earn enough money to reach new waters. You’ll find exotic new species and valuable crustaceans there!

Build your island
Build an island paradise that relies on fishing for the economy to prosper. When you earn enough money you can buy new pieces of land to expand your village and economy. For example, you can unlock larger boats, resident fishers, new markets, and more, simply by purchasing new patches of land!