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FOnline Forever is free to play post-nuclear MMORPG in the FOnline engine with some unique features.

Character System
• Select from new and classic Perks for your character like Flower Child, Self-Experimentation, Marksman, Way Of The Fruit, Shotgun Surgeon and more
• Level cap is 40, Skill Point and Hit Point gains are reduced by 50% after level 30.
• Implants allows you to boost your stats or gain special abilities. A character is able to have only one implant per slot type, there are 4 slots: Defensive, Medical, Support and Attribute.
• Use chems for short term stat boosts but beware of effects from overdose, comedown and withdrawal.
• Find and read rare books to raise skills but choose carefully to maximize your potential

• A large selection of guns, melee and throwing weapons like machetes, boomerangs, sniper rifles, laser pistols and machineguns.
• Area of effect fire attacks and gas weapons like smoke and tear gas grenades
• A variety of Weapon Perks to give each weapon unique characteristics. Brutal weapons have their critical damage multiplier increased; Suppressive weapons cause a short inability to run on targets hit by a burst who fail a Luck roll.
• Gear deteriorates over time and must be repair and replaced as needed

• Lots of resources for crafting weapons, armor and chems
• Many different crafting workstations like ammunition presser, forge, etc
• No safe mines, resources can be found in mountain encounter maps and caves

Market System
• Players can place items on sale for other players to buy. When the transaction is fulfilled the buyer receives the goods immediately, and the seller receives the payment next time they visit the market.
• Players can also place buy orders for certain items. In these cases the buyer decides the price and amount.

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