Four Eyes


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Four Eyes is a story-heavy, sci-fi/romcom adventure game about a spaceship captain and a narcoleptic alien stranded on an unfamiliar planet.
Jett Sherazi is captain of the Nightingale, which – despite the fancy name – is an ordinary cargo spaceship. During a not-so-routine mission to deliver supplies for the human navy, Jett finds an alien named Toa hiding in the Nightingale's cargo hold – and aliens are at war with humans! He pursues Toa into a nearby escape shuttle…which they crash-land on a nearby planet. Great.
Unable to bring himself to hurt Toa, Jett reluctantly decides to travel with the stowaway until they can find a way to get back up in space. As they explore together, Jett discovers that his tranquil companion isn't so different from a human after all. But why did Toa sneak onboard the Nightingale…?

• Investigate your surroundings and solve puzzles as Jett comes to understand his new companion
• Swap between characters to clear obstacles. Jett can repair machinery and Toa can move heavy objects with his telekinesis
• Fun dialogue and a silly, lighthearted atmosphere
• Original artwork and character sprites
• Short and sweet, so it won't take you ages to finish!
• Unique sci-fi environments
• Two possible endings - one normal, one secret!

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