Long Night


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Trickster Face is telling you its very first story!

It is a dark tale which takes the form of a third person survival horror, renewing with the atmosphere of its eldest: the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but also inspired by its cousins: Haunting Ground, Clocktower…

You won’t find anything bombastic, no firearms, no zombies, but a group of teenagers on a sweet summer night, who will end up confronting their most intimate fears.

The gamer personifies David, a teenager who tries to exist in well-defined group dynamics. The events of this long night will give him the opportunity to change everything…

Chased by his own fears, David will attempt to rescue his friends, also fighting with their own darkness. In order to do this, he will have to look deeply into their private lives, analyze their psyche and face their nightmarish embodiment in surprising boss fights!

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