Madden NFL 23

Madden NFL 23 Madden NFL 23 Madden NFL 23 Madden NFL 23

Go inside Madden NFL 23 with a deep dive into Franchise mode updates. Pre-order now:

With new player Motivations and Tags in Free Agency, streamlined Scouting features, and enhanced transaction logic, Madden NFL 23 Franchise offers more authenticity and immersion.

New in Madden 23 Franchise:
Motivations: Whether it is a team's chances of making the Super Bowl, its location, or its roster makeup, new player Motivations help determine why a player decides to sign with a particular team. Examples of new Motivations include: Close to Home, Franchise QB, Super Bowl Contender, and Big Market.

Tags: From winning the MVP award to incentives for signing veteran players as mentors, new Player Tags directly impact Free Agent logic, trade logic, draft logic, and player progression. Tags like Award Winner, Mentor, and Day 1 Starter give players more personality, drive up market interest value, and can provide XP bonuses during training.

Contracts: Come to terms with new contract offer presets that help streamline the negotiation process. Player Friendly, Team Friendly, Neutral, and Very Player Friendly offer presets that each come with their own risk and reward. New Rollover Cap allows you to carry over unused cap space to the next year.

Free Agent Hub: The new Free Agency Hub is where you place offers, compete with other teams, manage Free Agent signings, view player Motivations and Tags, and more. You can also see players’ interest levels in signing with your Franchise. Now you can place an offer without advancing the week, which offers more opportunities to negotiate with Free Agent targets each week.

Scouting: With the ability to scout multiple positions at each stage as well as extra scouts to evaluate any position, you can gain important insight about more prospects faster. New Weighted Attribute Reveals uncover essential ratings first, for the position you’re scouting – like Throw Power for a QB instead of Break Tackle.

Draft Classes: A complete overhaul of Draft Classes includes the addition of more than 30 new player generators, and tuning of existing ones. Now you can find unique and fun players in every round. Discover rare generational prospects who have a high overall rating and will be guaranteed an X-Factor – a valuable addition as you develop your Franchise for long-term success.

Madden NFL 23 is available worldwide August 19, 2022