Mission Pluto

Mission Pluto Mission Pluto Mission Pluto Mission Pluto

Year 2084, the dwarf planet Pluto was oxygenated and the foundation of the Pluto base was completed with the unmanned spacecraft. Now the world is ready to send humans to the Pluto. But everything is not as it seems. So many secrets, so many plots and mysterious acts. You're playing as Linda Skylar, the pilot of the space cruiser Burninator. At first, everything seems to be in order with no problems. When the spaceship doctor asks for your help and you had a near death experience. You decide its time to ask some questions.


-Be the pilot of the world's only spaceship
-Engage in spaceship fights
-Be in 3 different planets
-Ask questions and uncover the truth
-Learn the NPC's secrets and personalities
-Between 1-2 hour playtime