Mother of Many

Mother of Many

"Far deep into the woods lived a family of mice, there weren't two or three or four but dozens of mouths..."

"Mother of Many" is a horde killing roguetale. Harvest vegetables, make a soup with your older sister and get stronger in order to end your family's curse.


Keyboard & Mouse
WASD - Move
Mouse - Aim
Space - Jump
LMB - Attack / Interact
RMB - Secondary interact
Scroll Wheel - Switch seed / object
Scroll Wheel Press - Select object
Escape - Pause
Tab - Show stats

Left stick - Move
Right stick- Aim
South button - Jump
Right trigger - Attack / Interact
Left trigger - Secondary interact
RB-LB - Switch seed / object
East button - Select object
Start button - Pause
D-Pad down - Show stats