Plangman Plangman Plangman Plangman Plangman

In Plangman, you take on the role of a space pilot imprisoned in a dungeon of forgotten memories. Guess words to reconstruct your past and use what you learn to rescue the girl you love and defeat the wizard who holds you both prisoner.


  • Innovative gameplay (Wheel of Fortune meets Lode Runner)
  • A space opera fairy space!
  • Inspiring synthesizer soundtrack
  • 25 levels
  • Over 160 possible words to guess, each with its own visual clue
  • Puzzles with multiple solutions
  • Randomization of words and level layouts, making each playthrough slightly different


Deluxe Edition Features:

  • Five-level Epilogue
  • 25 Lost Levels, featuring a new "broken jetpack" (aka double-jump) mechanic
  • Two-player "Challenge a Friend" mode
  • Text-based Level Editor, which can be used to create your own levels and stories
  • Downloadable soundtrack
  • A zip containing all the visual clues