ReCursed ReCursed

Another day on the job as a live-streamer, you've recently downloaded ReCursed, a seemingly harmless escape room puzzle game. With the help of your moderators, you begin to entertain your fans while playing. But as you delve deeper into the game's dark, twisted levels, you realize everything looks eerily familiar. Something is not right.

The game's horrors are no longer just pixels on a screen — they're bleeding into reality. Can you survive the curse of ReCursed?

Headphones highly recommended!



3D world

W/A/S/D - Move

Left Click - Interact

Left Ctrl - Exit from the chair

2D world

W/A/S/D - Move

Left Click - Interact

Escape - Exit from interaction


Install Instructions:


  1. Download for Windows from above
  2. Extract the zipped file
  3. Navigate through the ReCursed folder and click ReCursed.exe
  4. If you see the "Windows protected your PC" pop-up, click "More info" -> "Run anyway"
  5. Enjoy :)



  1. Download for MacOS from above
  2. Extract the zipped file
  3. Right-click ReCursed -> Show Package Contents
  4. Navigate to Contents -> MacOS -> ReCursed and note the complete file path
  5. Open terminal and run chmod +x [insert file path noted from step 4]
  6. Go back to the file extracted in step 2, and click on it
  7. If you see "ReCursed can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software", this is normal, click "OK"
  8. Open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Scroll down to find where it mentioned "ReCursed was blocked", and click "Open Anyway"
  9. Retry step 6