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Load, lock, and get ready to rock: SHOWGUNNERS is out now on PC!

In the not-so-distant future, mercenaries, convicts, bounty hunters, and death-wish-having thrillseekers alike all compete against one another in entertainment's most popular - and most dangerous - reality game show: HOMICIDAL ALL-STARS.

You are Scarlett Martillo, a bounty hunter out for revenge, and the newest competitor in this grisly gauntlet.

Plan your attacks in dynamic turn-based-tactical encounters against a bevy of heavily-armed (and heavily disturbed) defenders in hand-crafted levels with environments that change dynamically - to help, or hinder - depending on your performance!

Align yourself with a literal murderers' row of hired guns that can help give you the edge you need to conquer each stage!

Explore the overworld, evade traps, and solve puzzled to unlock special items and weapons. Sign autographs and talk to fans to increase your "fame" level and earn powerful bonuses. Gain experience points and select character talents on their skill trees in the way that works best with your playstyle.

Oh, and for the streamers: Showgunners native "Twitch Mode" lets your audience direct the action, giving you boosts or hitting you with obstacles.

Cut the brakes and raise the stakes, it's time to prove your worth on SHOWGUNNERS.