SkiRanger is an arcade styled PC-Partygame designed around skiing. The game is about a Ranger who is maintaining the law and order of his mountain district and has to master different challenges. The game uses the motiontracking technology of the Asus XtionPRO and similar depthsensing cameras to let you slip into the jacked of the Ranger and get in direct control of him.

Because we are just a small team and developing games takes some time, we decided to release the game unfinished and start with a low price. So we will be able to continue the work on it if you like it.

We want to use the beta to find and fix as many bugs as possible of the basic functionality and test it on various systems. The game has included an updatemechanism to provide you the latest fixes and features of the game. Even this needs to be tested under real world conditions. So we really need your feedback to make everything as painless as possible.

For now the game includes the two gametypes TimeTrail and BigAir. Each with one track. Other gamemodes will follow in further updates.

Our gamepackage also includes the OpenNI package, this again includes the driver for the Asus XtionPRO camera. If you have such a camera, you are ready play.