Song of the Lone Assassin

Song of the Lone Assassin Song of the Lone Assassin

Song of the Lone Assassin is a 3rd person stealth and action game, in which you have to find your way to the top of an enormous brutalist and surreal tower with stairs that can twist your gravity. Giant stone guardians guard the place, who will try to kill you as soon as they get aware of you. It is wise to silently sneak past them, but once detected, a skilled player can even manage to dodge the attacks and reach the top of the tower that way.

With our game, we want to convey a sense of domination and oppression through an enormous, but also surreal and otherworldly environment compared to a lone small assassin whose only advantage is swiftness and silence.

Song of the Lone Assassin combines well-known gameplay elements like sneaking and dodging attacks with a unique approach of vertical path-finding by twisting the gravity of the player and letting them experience the environment through a whole other perspective time and time again.